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  Why not try a Natural Soap Sample With Your Order?    You're going to have fun picking which natural soap sample to try!  Sizes varies Natural soap is far more conditioning to your skin than commercial soaps because it retains all of the glycerin created during the process of making soap. Most commercial soap manufacturers, if they are actually making soap and not just creating synthetic detergent bars, strip the glycerin out of the process and sell it (or use it themselves) for making lotions and other, more conditioning products. They are removing the conditioning glycerin so your skin will dry out and then they’ll sell the glycerin back to you in the form of lotions.  At Elite Creed Natural, we keep the glycerin in the soap and we know you’ll feel the difference.


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We want our customers to be happy so if your not happy with any product for any reason we will accept your return within 15 days. Buyer is responsible for shipping cost of the return items.

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